Wet Room Installers in Herne Bay, Kent

Here at Cursons Plumbing & Heating, we have a team of experienced wet room installers who are more than capable of aiding in the design and installation of wet rooms. We have been carrying our wet room installation in Herne Bay and throughout the surrounding areas in Kent for many years.

Many people choose to have a wet room installed as they offer an easy access shower that is open or set behind a single wall. The floor area is kept flush and all at the same level allowing for water to drain easily away through a drainage outlet in the floor.

When it comes to needing a wet room installing in Herne Bay or any of the surrounding areas in Kent, then be sure to give Cursons a call on 012 2736 7759. One of our team are always on hand to assist.

What to Consider When Having A Wet Room Installed

  • Water Drainage – Wet room drainage needs to be installed at a gradient to ensure the water flows away correctly. We’ll ensure the design incorporates the appropriate drainage.
  • Waterproofing – When carrying out the installation we’ll ensure the walls and floor correctly waterproofed before any tiling is carried out.
  • Material – Tiles are one of the most popular options used for wet rooms. We’ll work with you to ensure you choose the best material that meet your requirements.
  • Heating – Many people wonder whether you can have heating in wet rooms. The answer is yes, one of the most popular options is underfloor heating.

Wet Room Design and Installation

We offer a complete wet room design and installation service to customers throughout Herne Bay and the surrounding areas of Kent. When it comes to designing your new room well advise on the best materials, fittings and fixtures to ensure your wet rooms meets your requirements and budget.

We have years of experience carrying out wet room installation and our team have all the appropriate skills needed to ensure a professional and efficient installation is carried out. When you choose Cursons to install a wet room at your property, we’ll carry it out on a day and at a time that suits you.

Advantages of A Wet Room

  • Accessibility – Wet rooms are perfect for anyone that might have restricted movement. There’s no need for a shower tray so accessing and exiting is much easier.
  • Property Value – Wet rooms are a great extra room to have in any property and it will more than likely add value to your property too.
  • Improves Space – If you only have a small amount of space available for a bathroom then a wet room is a great option. With a wet room there’s no need for a bulky enclosure or door that might intrude into your space.
  • Cleanliness – One of the great benefits is that it can be easily cleaned. Disinfectants can easily be sprayed around the whole room helping to keep it clean and reduce mould and mildew build up.
  • Design Flexibility – Wet rooms are stylish and the design options are near enough endless. There are many different materials you can choose from and you can run wild with the design.

Contact Cursons for Wet Rooms in Herne Bay and Kent

When it comes to wet rooms in Herne Bay or any of the surrounding areas in Kent, be sure to make Cursons Plumbing & Heating your first port of call. We offer a professional wet room installation service, which covers everything from the design to the finished look. No matter what your requirements for a wet room might be, we can cater to them.

For wet room installation, be sure to get in touch with Cursons. We cover the whole of Kent and the surrounding areas.

We also offer our wet room installations in Faversham, Whitstable, Canterbury and Broadstairs.

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