Saniflo Toilet Installations in Herne Bay and Kent

At Cursons Plumbing & Heating we offer a range of plumbing services across the Kent area, including Saniflo. With years of experience in the industry, our team or professionals have honed and developed a range of skills and can ensure an all-round perfect finish. As agents of Saniflo, we are able to offer installations, repairs and maintenance. At Cursons Plumbing & Heating, you can rest assured that you’re in the right hands.

What is Saniflo?

Adding a new toilet to your home can sometimes be a difficult procedure, with some installations resulting in impossible. Using a Saniflo system can help make it possible as Saniflo uses patented macerator technology.

A Saniflo system means solid waste and toilet paper will be churned down into liquid which can easily be discharged through pipes which can be as small as a one inch diameter. Discharge can be through distanced of up to 15 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally, depending on the model used.

Saniflo Repairs & Maintenance

As well as installation of Saniflo systems, we also offer a repairs and maintenance service to customers throughout Herne Bay and the surrounding areas in Kent. No matter how big or small your Saniflo repair might be, you can count on Cursons to fix it. Ensure you Saniflo system is maintained throughout the year will help avoid repairs being needed. We are Agents for Saniflo Ltd.

The Saniflo Process

This is what happens during the Saniflo process…

  • The toilet is flushed and the waste is sent into the Saniflo unit, instead of directly to an outflow pipe.
  • The patented macerator technology starts to work and using a blade which spins up to 3,600 rpm, it pulverised the waste into liquid in seconds.
  • Saniflo’s pumping technology will then be activated and will expel the liquid water through whatever distance necessary.
  • When the process is completed the motor will power down and the macerating device will deactivate and the toilet will refill as normal with clean water.

Why choose a Saniflo Installation?

Saniflo solutions are a popular choice as they don’t require any major construction in order to install the unit. As waste will be flushed through a pipe that measures a very small one inch diameter, installation is simple and won’t require serious construction.

This choice tends to be the option for customers who are keen to add an en-suite bathroom, basement toilets, garage installations, toilets for older people or simply just adding an extra toilet, the Saniflo system is a great way to add a toilet which can’t be installed through the usual and conventional methods.

The Benefits of Saniflo Systems…

Saniflo toilets can be added at any time, even if you have been told that you’re unable to add a toiler due to a main drainpipe being located too far, a Saniflo system will still work. What’s more is, the macerating pumps, gray water pumps and toilet system are all environmentally friendly and use far less water than a regular toilet system. So should you require a new toilet system that won’t break the floors in your home, or the bank, then Saniflo is for you.

For all your Saniflo installation needs, call Cursons Plumbing & Heating today!

Based in Herne Bay and covering the Kent are, at Cursons Plumbing and Heating Ltd our team of certified plumbers offer only the most professional and high standard Saniflo toilet installation services. From the initial design to the installation completion our qualified plumbing team will work with you throughout the process to make sure you receive the bathroom of your dreams. From full bathroom refurbishments to partial installations, there’s no job too big or small for our team.

When it comes to Saniflo toilets, our knowledgeable team have a wealth of experience in the area and can assist and advise to ensure the right product for you. So if you’re looking for a Saniflo toilet in Herne Bay or the Kent area, then get in touch with Cursons Plumbing & Heating Ltd on 01227 367759.

We also offer our Saniflo installations in Faversham and Broadstairs.

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